Our philosophy

There are no first or second-class companies, all customers are the same for us and because of this we offer a unique quality standard. Our price is out of the ordinary, it’s a crazy price, it’s not a discount or a promotion, it’s just our price for everyone. Get in touch with us; it’s the only way to fully understand our service.

Prices and features




Unlimited database

Limitless Database for growing business needs. The MySQL database is an effective and safe instrument to save the entire website’s information.

Unlimited Space

The best for professional developers who need unlimited space and advanced features with SSD hard disk technologies.


Our dedicated support team will help you managing your hosting in the best way possible. Moreover, upon request, we will carry out the migration of the data for free.

Unlimited Mail

Great storage space for multiple emails or big-sized attachment files.  A professional touch to your image. Example: [email protected]